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*Meeting fellow travelers
*Free Shots
*Drinking games
*Come back again for FREE for the whole year!
*Photod & videos!




Pub Crawl Tour Barcelona

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl is bigger and better than any other experience in Barcelona, we offer the best insight into how this Spanish city comes to life by night and it’s not to be missed.

Apart from your wild tour guides who know the city streets and its best spots, you’ll meet other party goers who are up for a memorable night out.

We’ll hit up a few of the best bars in the center before heading to one of the city’s top clubs, from Pacha to Opium and more. Every night we go to a different club so no two nights are the same.

What makes us the best value for money is that your one-time purchase isn’t solely reserved for one evening of madness, but you can come along as many times as want! That’s if you can handle it, of course.

We love having people from all over the world join us and it’s something we’re famed for. If you want to find out what else we’re renowned for then join us for a drink, or two…OR THREE

Backpacker Pub Crawl Barcelona

We are know as the Barcelona backpacker pub crawl and we are world famous for being one of the most talked about backpacker activities to do in while your in Barcelona, we attract people from all walks of life especially those traveling the world looking to meet new people, make life long friends and have a fun night partying in Barcelona!

Best Bar Crawl Barcelona

We have been running our pub crawl since 2007, we are not only the original bar crawl of Barcelona but by far the best yes there are imitators out there, they come and go our crawl has stood the test of time! We have great bar crawl Barcelona reviews  mostly saying we are the best pub crawl Barcelona has ever seen.


We are proud to have been featured in the below publications

Pub Crawl Barcelona Mtv
Pub Crawl Barcelona Bbc
Pub Crawl Barcelona Daily Mail
Pub Crawl Barcelona The Huffington post


Why Join us?

The number 1 Pub Crawl in Barcelona


Don’t listen to the haters, this is the Original Pub Crawl of Barcelona, that’s a fact!

Running pub crawls since 2007


We have been running since 2007 and have had over 500,000 customers on our nights

The biggest pub crawl in Barcelona


We regularly get between  100 – 500 people

Pub Crawl Barcelona featured in


Our parties are famous and have been featured on MTV, BBC and DAILY MAIL.

Free Drinks on Pub Crawl Barcelona


You get a free drink in every bar!

Fun drinking games on Pub Crawl Barcelona


We play some of the craziest drinking games and everyone can join in!

Pub Crawl has professional guides


Our guides are professional party people and are guaranteed to show you a good time!

Buy once and come on the pub crawl again free


You only pay once and you can come back as many times as you want for free!

“Keep the streets clean and the sex dirty!”


Hope to see you soon on Pub Crawl Barcelona!

Pub Crawl Rules

Pub crawl Barcelona is all about having a mad night out in Barcelona, waking up next to that guy/girl you don’t remember the name of and getting the fuck back to your hostel to let everyone know that pub crawl Barcelona was the greatest night of your life & your not a virgin anymore. As responsible party organizers pub crawl Barcelona has compiled a list of rules for you to follow to help you and us have the greatest pub crawl experience.

We have these rules to make your bar crawl in Barcelona safe and to ensure bar hopping barcelona is safe for everyone!

  • Arrive on time
  • Listen to the pub crawl Barcelona guides
  • Drink Responsibly
  • Wear a condom!
  • If she says she is on the pill still wear a condom!
  • Make the guy wear a condom!
  • If you have a baby due to the pub crawl you must let us name it!
  • Don’t drink on the streets
  • Bar hopping is fun

Now when we say all of these are rules they are more like loose guidelines but don’t blame us if things go wrong!

Enjoy responsibly with a beer or a glass of wine or a shot or ermmm anything with alcohol!


Watch out for thieves

Barcelona is famous for a lot of things, unfortunately one of them things is the talented young pickpockets, while out drinking in Barcelona you are more likely to get targeted by thieves in Barcelona. Be careful of your bags and pockets and do not leave your personal items with people you do not know.

If your out with Pub crawl Barcelona we will watch your back and keep the horrible little thieves away! We have been crawling the streets of Barcelona for over a decade and can spot the pick pockets a mile away as they know we know them they usually leave our groups in peace as they do not want the problems with the police. Please just watch yourself when leaving the club and heading home or when your sitting on the beach at the end of the night kissing the face off someone you just met on Pub crawl Barcelona, we understand when your in the moment you may take your eye off your bag but a second is all it takes for you to loose everything.

Bring your ID

 In Barcelona you must carry ID with you at all times but a photocopy is acceptable its a good idea to just bring that most hostels or hotels will make you the photocopy for free also you should keep the amount of cash you have with you to a minimum all the bars and clubs accept credit or debit cards.

Keep all your items in your front pockets and leave nothing in your back pockets as this is the pocket of choice for the modern day Barcelona pick pocket if strangers approach you on the streets just be aware that they might be seeing if your ripe for the picking also if your a guy hookers will approach you on the street in big numbers they usually try to put there hands down your pants and another in your pocket to steal your stuff.

Please enjoy your time in Barcelona and drink responsibly you do not want to be another statistic.


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Five best foods in Barcelona that you must try!

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Boat Party Barcelona

We run the wildest boat party on the seven seas! If you really want to make this trip to Barcelona a time you will never forget book one of our exclusive Boat Parties today!

Our Party Boat fits over 150 people and it always sells out!

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Pool Party Barcelona

Get on your best swim gear and prepare to party!

Our Pool Parties run all summer from April till the end of September and are the place to be scene in Barcelona.

Book your tickets online now as there is very limited availability.

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Bike tour Barcelona

Our bike tour has over 1000 five star reviews on TripAdvisor and is consistently one of the most highly rated activities to do in Barcelona.

The bike tour is great for solo travelers, couples and families!


Free walking tour

A free walking tour based on tips! You cannot say fairer than that!

Our tour lasts a couple of hours and they you give the tour guide a few euros for there time!


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