Barceloneta – The tourist beach of Barcelona

Now a loud, busy tourist packed beach might not be your idea of paradise but in Barcelona, the tourist beach of Barceloneta is the place to be. Every day of the summer the beach is jam-packed with tourist enjoying the Spanish sunshine, the famous red can of the local beer Estrella in everyone’s hand.

Though it is quite a noisy, dirty, stinking of weed type of place it does have its charm the view is quite stunning as you look towards the famous coastline towards the W hotel, even if you go for a photo it is worth the visit, especially at sunrise and sunset. The sun rises over the ocean and sets behind the mountains I know because my terrace is located in Barceloneta and I spend more than a healthy amount of time there.

The neighbors are not nice

Well apart from me, the average neighbor is this part of town hates tourists and you might see some signs of that in the form of posters telling everyone that the tourists are not welcome, well I say ignore them and who cares what they think! If they don’t like people enjoying the beach then they should move elsewhere! But besides that try not to take the piss, literally don’t piss on the streets they hate that and try to keep the noise down in the evening while walking through the narrow streets as they are likely to throw piss on you.

Beer, cervesa

Groups of friends congregate in circles on towels with whatever music they’re into blaring from someone’s Bluetooth speaker, the Pakistani beer sellers ask every two minutes “beer, cola, fanta, water” they ask so frequently so annoying how much they ask you but when they are not around and you need a beer you pray to hear them. Not only do they sell the usual liquid refreshment they can be quite good at finding other illicit items, give it a try ask them what you’re looking for and you might be in for a surprise.

SUP, dude

As well as chilling in the sun working on the brown and getting pissed if you’re a bit more of get up and do something type of person that’s available in droves the streets alongside the beach are littered with shops renting all manner of water fun including surfboards and stand up paddle boards, though you do see people every now and then take to the waves with a surfboard in hand, what is far more common for the calm sea at Barceloneta beach are the SUP (stand up paddle) boards these can easily be rented for around 10 – 20 euros an hour by putting your passport or cash down as a deposit.

There is also parasailing, jet skiing, speed boats and all other kinds of adrenal filled things you can get on with while on the beach.

Masssagggeeee, masssagggeeee! (best Asian accent)

Maybe you went too hard the night before and the beer on the beach and the joint you bummed ain’t doing the job, how about getting a nice massage, you won’t wait long before you hear the famous words masssagggeeee, masssagggeeee! They don’t cost much you can get about a 30-minute massage for close to 5 euros and speaking from experience they definitely do the trick of rubbing away the post-party blue, for all you dirt boxes no there is no happy ending involved your on a public beach!

Thieves, beware!

There are robbing little bastards everywhere in Barcelona especially on the beach day and night! Watch your stuff and watch your friends stuff, do not leave anything unattended! Now people might try and label certain minority groups as being the thieves in Barcelona in my experience everyone no matter what color they can be a thief, play it safe and don’t be another statistic.

If you’re alone you could ask someone to watch your things while you go into the sea or you could rent a locker they have available or you could stop being a loner and make some friends! What better way to make friends than sharing a beer on the beach!

An eye full

Prudes beware, slap right bang in the middle of Barceloneta beach just in front of the CNAB gym is the Barceloneta nudist section of the beach and you must definitely catch an eye full! Unlucky for you Not many beach babes and stud muffins tend to go the full monty here you’re more likely to find saggy tanned brown leather breasts and wrinkly old grey haired balls with the occasional tiny ginger toger to be found.

Luxo only

Now if lying on the shitty sand Barceloneta beach does not quite take your fancy as your too luxo fear not as Barceloneta is still the place for you head North up the beach and be greeted by all the famous beach clubs Opium, Pacha and Catwalk just to name a few heading this way you will also find the prestigious Barcelona Casino set on the ground floor of the Arts hotel owned by the world famous Ritz-Carlton, you cannot get more luxo gang than that.

All the beach clubs have restaurants open all day serving great food at not so great prices but the view makes the extra euros worth it. I have spent many days and many euros entertaining friends here and it has been well worth the price.

if your planning on heading to one of the clubs in the evening to party the night away beware the lines are so long we advice either booking a tablet which requires paying for bottle service or heading to the clubs with a Pub Crawl like our one that way you get in for free and skip the line believe me you will thank me when you see it heading half a mile down the beach.


The neighbors are grumpy, the streets stink of piss and the beach is dirty but it is the place to be any day of the summer in Barcelona it is a must check out place when visiting Barcelona, you never know you might like it and decide that’s what you’re going to do everyday your in Barcelona!