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Pub crawl Barcelona

The Original Pub Crawl of Barcelona


We have put together this blog to try and share with you all the different things to do in Barcelona. We have tried to write articles about all different type of subjects all to do. with Barcelona. We have posted about how to best get around the city, boat parties, bike tours, the best food spots and loads, loads more. Feel free to link to any pages in our blog

What to do on Valentines Day in Barcelona?

The Original Pub Crawl of Barcelona Today is actually not Valentine's day in Barcelona, Valentine's day is celebrated here on San Jordis day where traditionally a girl buys a guy a book and he then buys her flowers, loads of girls I know always say "why can't I get a...

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Bicing Barcelona – The red street bikes

The Original Pub Crawl of BarcelonaPeople always ask me about the red Bicing bikes in Barcelona, they are the ones that you see in the computerized racks all over the city, they are the Barcelona version of the London Borris bikes!The first question I get asked all...

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Another pub crawl Barcelona story

Another Pub Crawl Barcelona story…..After a very mixed summer in England, which fluctuated between vaguely warm and pissing down with rain, we were very much looking forward to our August break in Barcelona. Myself, Tommy and Dean had been talking about a break to the...

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Barceloneta – The tourist beach of Barcelona

Barceloneta - The tourist beach of Barcelona Now a loud, busy tourist packed beach might not be your idea of paradise but in Barcelona, the tourist beach of Barceloneta is the place to be. Every day of the summer the beach is jam-packed with tourist enjoying the...

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Pub Crawl Testimonials

Shauna, 26, Kelowna, Canada I heard about Pub Crawl Barcelona from two girls in Amsterdam that were wearing the t shirts they got when they bought the tickets. They said they both had the best night so me and my boyfriend wanted to check it out. We met at an...

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Tales from the pub crawl

Tales from the pub crawl Last summer was my third trip to Barcelona. I would say I knew the city quite well unlike Cheryl and Tina who had never been there before. I was super excited about coming back. There is so much to see there and the nightlife in the city...

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Parks in Barcelona

Parks in Barcelona  Park Guëll Park Guëll bears the mark of one of Barcelona’s most renowned architects of all times, Antoni Gaudí. Interestingly though, the ‘park’ was in fact originally destined to be a Modernist housing development located away from the smoke and...

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PortAventura   There is so much to do and see in Barcelona. But if you have been here for a few days now and the eat, sleep, rave, repeat is becoming a little samey then just south of Barcelona is an option for a really fun day out of the city.  ...

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San Joan – The biggest party in Barcelona!

San Joan There is one international holiday that everyone looks forward to every year. Because this isn’t one that some people celebrate and some don’t, where some people still work and carry on their daily life. San Juan is a day that everyone takes off! In Barcelona...

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Tapas Bars

Tapas Bars Spanish cuisine is revered all around the world. Dishes such as tapas and paella are very well known everywhere but of course there is nothing quite like eating a country’s cuisine when you are actually in said country. Barcelona has a huge variety of some...

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Messi Even for people who have never kicked a football in their life know the name Messi. Few people in the world hold the regard of someone who is so passionately loved and admired by people who aren’t even a fan of his team. His technique, incredible dribbling and...

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Camp Nou

Camp Nou The difference between a church and a cathedral is that the Archbishop of a city preaches from the cathedral. Also a city can only be classified as a city if there is a cathedral in it. Otherwise it is a town regardless of its size. As defined by Catholic law...

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Best sports pubs

Best sports pubs in Barcelona When you are abroad you have fresh opportunity to soak up local culture and cuisines and of course to try new things. But this doesn’t mean you can forget as to the goings on of your favourite football teams while you are away. Especially...

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Cheapest pubs in Barcelona

Cheapest pubs in Barcelona Barcelona is a great city for travellers. Thousands flock here from all over the world to soak up the sun on the beaches, take in the huge variety of culture and enjoy the bars and restaurants. But if you are coming here on a budget,...

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Coolest bars in barcelona

One of the reasons Barcelona is such a popular holiday destination for millions of people is the variety that the city holds. Some people come here for the culture, the museums, churches and art galleries. Others want to lie on a beach and soak up the sun with a cold...

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Craft beers in Barcelona

After a few days in Barcelona you may start to get a little bored of the beers that are everywhere. Estrella and San Miguel, although tasty at first the love for them can pass when you are drinking them like water. This is certainly not taking anything away from the...

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Barcelona public transport

Barcelona Public Transport It’s not a large city, Barcelona. It would be perfect for getting around on a bike, were it not built on a hill that runs into the sea. Cycling up that hill in summer time is not a great idea. Nothing in the historical centre is more than a...

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Top 5 night clubs in Barcelona

Top 5 clubs in Barcelona Whether you spend the day in Barcelona sightseeing, drinking sangria in the sun or lying on the beach, at night you will invariably end up in one of Barcelona’s nightclubs. There are a lot to choose from and so picking the right one is...

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Best sky bars in Barcelona

The best sky bars in Barcelona Hotel 1898 - Terraza La Isabela Positioned in the heart of the city and named for the Philippine island of La Isabela, this terrace offers a 360° view of Las Ramblas and the Gothic District. Undoubtedly it is one of the more expensive...

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Top 10 cheap eats

Top Ten Cheap Eats in Barcelona Barcelona has so much to offer. This city is stunningly beautiful, there are long stretches of beaches, amazing nightlife and of course a wide selection of some of the best food in Europe.  Many people who come here are holidaymakers...

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Getting to Barcelona from the Airport

Getting to Barcelona from the airport The best view you’ll get of Barcelona is not from Monjuic or Tibidabo, but out of the pokey window of the Boeing 737 as it cruises over the city and out to sea, before pulling a slightly dramatic U-turn at 1000 metres and hugging...

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Barcelona Drinking Laws and Drinking in the Street

Barcelona Drinking Laws and Drinking in the Street Many popular activities in Barcelona are in fact illegal. And some that you would assume to be illegal are not. Stealing bags and phones? Yes, that’s illegal. Possessing small amounts of drugs for personal use? Well...

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Barcelona by bike

Barcelona By Bike I’ve never really been much of a cyclist. When I drove my car around  London, cyclists were like flies you wanted to swat off the road. They always seemed to be so self righteous as they were the ones saving the planet, hogging the road at 5mph...

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Top 10 restaurants in Barcelona

Top 10 Restaurants in Barcelona Barcelona is known for its spectacular architecture, beautiful beaches, and an exciting nightlife, but it also has some delightful restaurants. You'll find them located all over town with some of the most amazing food in all of Span....

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Top 10 pubs in Barcelona

Top 10 pubs in Barcelona 1. The George Payne (Plaça d'Urquinaona, 5, 08010 Barcelona) If you go to Dublin, or any major Irish city, and are taken by a local to one of their favourite pubs, it would probably look a lot like this. You will have fun here! An imposing,...

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The best beaches in Barcelona

Best beaches in Barcelona  Barcelona is located north of the Spanish coast at the Mediterranean sea. It is known to be modern and somewhat ahead of its time architecturally. Barcelona is Spain's second largest city with over 1.5 million residents. It is the capital of...

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