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CDLC nightclub in Barcelona!

The CDLC is a lounge and restaurant located on the Terrace Shores of the Mediterranean Sea.This exotically decorated beachfront lounge is an amazing place to check out while you’re spending time in Barcelona.The CDLC is awarded one of the best clubs in the world! Whether it’s a sushi date with a beautiful view or a drunken night in one of their VIP rooms with your friends, there is something for everyone.

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CDLC Barcelona at a Glance

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Overview of CDLC Nightclub Barcelona

The CDLC caters to an international crowd, you can interact with people from all over the world as well as some locals.

With its Buddha statues and Balinese style lounge rooms you will feel like you’re transported across the world.

This trendy club has a reservation only policy and limited capacity. To experience an amazing afternoon or evening at the Carpe Diem Lounge Club please make a reservation to create memories.

If you are on the lookout for a trendy, unique and inclusive environment, the CDLC is for you.

Atmosphere at CDLC Nightclub Barcelona

You will find this sophisticated club on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Upon arrival you will be greeted by a big Buddha statue. With the crisp white linen and fluffy pillows you will feel like you’re in a dream. Gain access to the VIP area and make yourself comfortable in the stylish lounge areas with beautiful Balinese style lounge beds.

This hip and stylish club caters to every group size whether you are on a solo adventure, enjoying date night or celebrating with a group of friends the CDLC has something for everyone. So put on your fancy shirt or sophisticated dress and join us to create some unforgettable memories.

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CDLC Barcelona Dress Code

There is a strict and elegant dress code in place if you would like to visit the CDLC. Keep the phrase “you gotta dress to impress” in mind.It is common to run into celebrities at this lounge, so please wear your best “super star” outfit. Be mindful of your group, you are judged by the company you keep,you and everyone in your group need to follow the rules below, don’t risk being turned away and missing out on an amazing experience.

For the gentlemen it is recommended that you wear the following…A fancy shirt like a classic button down.As for shoes, please wear something formal and close toed. Please refrain from wearing sports wear or beach attire. Save the “vacation bro look” for the sea. Your hair should be well groomed and neat.

For the lovely ladies, dresses and elegant heels are highly recommended. Absolutely no beachwear or casual wear. As comfy as they are, please refrain from wearing flip flops or sneakers. A neat and fancy hair style is the best option.

Please follow these guidelines, it would be a bummer if your clothing got in the way of a fabulous night.

CDLC Barcelona Dress Entrance fee

The price is roughly 15-20 euros, don’t let the price scare you since you also receive a free drink. Depending on the day or the party the price will rise and fall.

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CDLC Extensive menu

Whether you fancy an old school classic cocktail or you would like to be pampered with VIP bottle service we have something for everyone! Enjoy an exciting night with your friends in one of our VIP rooms. You can relax and enjoy the bottle service. There is a wide variety of wine, beer, specialty coffees and healthy beverages for those who are interested. We are the official ambassador of Dom Perignon, we also offer the Vintage magnum, Vintage Jeroboam and Vintage Mathusale. So grab a drink, enjoy the music and join us on the dance floor.

Who doesn’t love a meal with a view?

Get cozy and enjoy this funky fresh menu. The menu La Carta offers amazing appetizers which are great for sharing. If you’d really like to be transported to Asia, check out the chicken satay. For seafood lovers, there is a wide selection of fresh seafood dishes. If you’re a sushi fan we highly recommend the sushi platter which offers 120 pieces of sushi to share with your closest friends. Who knows with a delicious plate that size maybe some strangers will become friends. There is a wide variety of soups, salads and pastas. If you are a carnivore there are some premium steaks to choose from.If you’re after something tender and juicy, try the wagyu beef. This menu isn’t only for meat eaters, you can also find vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

Music at CDLC nightclub Barcelona

For a vibrant upbeat atmosphere check out some of our DJs and live music events. The music ranges from deep house to tech house and afro tech. If you’re looking for a party vibe, this is the place for you!


Weekly events at CDLC nightclub Barcelona

Who doesn’t love having a few drinks and listening to music with a glamorous international crowd? Join us every Thursday for “True Days” with music by DJ Krugger until 5am. Fridays for “Fridays I’m In Love” with music by Edu Natored until 6am. Then
“The Temple” every Saturday with music by NIIXII LANCASTER. So come join us for an unforgettable evening…or three. Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance to avoid them selling out since space is limited.

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