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Living with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Barcelona

Apr 11, 2020

At the date of writing we have been on lock down for over a month here in Barcelona and its hard to know when it will end as it seems every two weeks they move the goal posts to ending this lock-down by a further two weeks. Our current end day to lock down is May 15th but really who really knows?


Coronavirus Lock-down rules in Barcelona

If you are not following lock-down rules you can be fined 600 plus euros! You’re only allowed to the Supermarket or Pharmacy for necessities. If you have a dog your allowed 100 meters away from your house so they can go the toilet. Now when i say necessities i mean necessities not just some junk food or snacks there has been cases of people getting stopped by the police and supermarket receipts being checked and people getting fined for going to the supermarket for a few cans of coke as the authorities deem it not essential.

police locks down the beach during the coronavirus in barcelona

Beach closed!

What is it like living in Barcelona under lock-down?

Barcelona has to be one of the worst places to be under a lock-down as the vast majority of people live in apartments with no outdoor space, as I see my friends and family outside taking advantage of the Easter weekend weather sitting in there back garden I cannot help but be jealous! I have to say the first week was quite enjoyable lying in bed all day watching Netflix but honestly this lock-down is starting to take it’s tole.

The streets are empty! The attractions are deserted one can only think in part the Catalans have there wish and have got rid of all the tourists!

la rambla deserted during lock down

How many people are dying?

Yesterday April 10th 634 people died in Spain bringing the total number of deaths to just over 16,000 this number only accounts for people who have died in hospitals so the true death count created by the Coronavirus is not really known.

a list of coronavirus figures

When will lock-down end?

If anyone tells you they know they are lying! The only thing I can guess is no time soon! The death rate is still high and infection rate uncontrollable even with a lock-down! When it does end things wont be back to the way they where for a very long time!

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