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Must try drinks while in Barcelona

drinks to try in Barcelona
Barcelona is a popular tourist spot for many reasons, and as the capital city of the community of Catalonia, it’s a hub for all kinds of people. There is plenty to see and do in the city, but we’re here to look at its most popular drinks!

Spain is a country with a rich culture, and you can see this in everything from art to sport. But a country’s traditional food and drink will give you a brand new way to appreciate Barcelona’s culture and history. So, let’s take a look at our top 8 picks for the best traditional drinks to try in Barcelona.


We can’t make a list of the most popular drinks without talking about Sangria, can we? Made with red wine and chopped fruits, this punch-style drink is incredibly popular with tourists. While Barcelona locals do drink Sangria, this beverage is really a tourist favorite!

What makes Sangria so much fun is that it can be made in many different ways. Many bars and restaurants have their own twist on the recipe. Numerous different fruits can be used, including peaches, berries, apples, lime, pineapple, and more.

a glass of sangria


Also known as Spanish wine, Cava is often the drink of choice for locals in Barcelona. You’ll find all kinds of establishments selling Cava, and you can even get it relatively cheap. But don’t worry, it’s still often a very high-quality beverage.

While Cava is produced all over the country, the bulk of the wine is produced in the Penedès region of Catalonia. Cava is generally quite a zesty wine with sharp citrus flavours making it ideal for a Summer afternoon.

A glass of Cava in Barcelona


There are plenty of amazing non-alcoholic beverages to try in Span as well. Orxata is one such example and is often the drink of choice during the Summer and Spring in Barcelona. This drink is made with nuts, water, sugar, and crushed ice.

The drink can look like milk to the naked eye, and it offers a cool, refreshing flavour. It’s the perfect way to cool down in the Spanish sunshine. It’s also a popular choice with vegetarians and vegans too.

a creamy glass of orxata


Clara is another refreshing drink that is popular during the warmer months of the year. Clara is made by mixing beer and lemon soda. It can be made in numerous ways, but it is traditionally two-part beer to one-part soda.

But you can add more soda/ less beer to make it a little stronger/weaker if you prefer. Clara is a popular lunch time drink and offers a refreshing fragrance and taste. It’s similar to lemonade but packs more of a punch.

a cold glass of clara in barcelona spain


Now, this is a drink that packs a pretty big punch, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you like your drinks “the stronger, the better,” then order a Carajillo. This drink is quite simple; it’s made by mixing an espresso shot and a whiskey shot.

Some establishments may also add brandy or rum to the mix as well! This is a very punchy, bitter drink, and you’re sure to feel the heat. Some bars add sugar or citrus fruits to balance the bitterness, so don’t be afraid to ask for something a little sweeter if you don’t want to go for the full experience.

A carajillo coffee in Barcelona


Vermouth technically originated in Italy, but it’s so popular in Barcelona (and Spain in general) that we had to mention it. Vermouth is a fruity fortified wine; most commonly, red wine is used, although you can find white wine versions.

The wine is further enhanced with a variety of herbs and spices. Traditional vermouth is usually quite warm and refreshing, but many different versions of this classic beverage can be found all around Barcelona.

a refreshing vermouth in Barcelona with tapas

Jerez Cocktail

Sherry is quite an old-fashioned drink and likely isn’t your first thought when you think of a cocktail. But Sherry has been making a comeback in Spain and is used in many different cocktails, with the Jerez being the most popular.

A Jerez cocktail can be made in many different ways but typically doesn’t have many ingredients. The Sherry is the main star of the beverage, but it’s usually complemented with notes of peach brandy or other fruity beverages.

a fruity jerez cocktail in Barcelona


Let’s finish up our look at traditional drinks to try with Orujo. You might see bottles of this drink outside bars/ shops. Many establishments make their own Orujo in numerous different ways, although they will typically involve sugar, lemon, and coffee.

Many Orujo use brandy as a base, and many of them can be quite strong. Orujo is very popular in Spain, with locals and tourists alike. While you might not know exactly what you’re getting, this mystery is part of the fun.

Orujo shot in Barcelona
So, that is eight different traditional beverages to try while you’re in Barcelona! There really is something for everyone, and you’ll be sure to enjoy sampling them all.

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