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Opium nightclub in Barcelona!

Barcelona has earned a well-deserved reputation as the Spanish party central, with a riveting nightlife that lures in party-goers and music lovers from across the globe. The city is home to some of the world’s best nightclubs, pumping out everything from techno and electro-rock to Afrobeat and dubstep.

However, if you’re looking for exclusivity in a nightclub, look no further than Opium Barcelona, a sophisticated club perched on Barceloneta Beach. The dress code at the nightclub is one of the strictest out there, which speaks volumes about its target clientele. Expect an exclusive club atmosphere overflowing with expensive champagne, designer labels, and high heels, not to mention occasional celebs.

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Opium Barcelona at a Glance

  • Physical Address: Pg. Marítim de la Barceloneta, 34, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Website:
  • Telephone: +34 655 57 69 98
  • Open Hours: Sunday through Thursday from 1 PM to 5 AM; Friday and Saturday, 1 PM to 6 AM

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    the terrace at Opium nightclub Barcelona

    Overview of Opium Nightclub Barcelona

    POpium Barcelona is the “it club” in Barcelona, offering the most exclusive and sophisticated nightlife in the city – in the centre of Barceloneta Beach.

    The seaside club is atmospheric yet spacious, making it the best place to dance and drink in summer.

    The dance floor is equally spacious, so much so that it starts to pack at capacity from around 2 AM despite opening at 1 PM. It sports a sleek contemporary décor, chrome-&-glass tables, and white-sating couches.

    The crowd inside is young, elegant, and chic, but not overly hippie, decidedly attracted to the beat of the latest electro tunes.

    The real magic comes to life in summer, when guests can spill their partying onto the terrace that overlooks the beautiful and mesmerising beach. It also offers a beachfront outdoor section that doubles as a cool restaurant–café. It opens daily, bringing a rhythmic dance and sweet tunes to the techno-loving crowd.

    The DJs at Opium Barcelona are devoted to pleasing the VIP crowd with the latest techno in all its sizes and shapes. For the hardest electronic rock, head over to the club in the early hours of the night.

    The headliners are typically internationally recognised DJs, with resident players like DANNY and Frank Caro often taking to the decks.

    partying in Opium nightclub Barcelona

    Where is the Opium Barcelona Located and How Do I Get There?

    Opium Barcelona is tucked on the beachfront spot near port Olimpic at Passeig Marítim, 34, 08003 Barcelona.

    It’s located close to the Barcelona casino, an assortment of mid to top-tier bars, and a handful of other sought-after nightclubs in the city, including Shoko and Pacha.

    It’s the most renowned nightclub on Barceloneta Beach.

    The most effective way to get to the club is via Metro. The closest Metro stop is Ciutadella Vila Olimpica station on the yellow line (L4). The Metro line goes right through Barcelona, so it can pick you up from most of the city’s best sights and attractions.

    The next best option (cost-wise) is to take a taxi cab. We suggest taking Cabify, as it is generally safe, incredibly easy to use, and provides deep discounts.

    If you are arriving from overseas, especially from North America (aka Canada and the United States), it pays to know that private ride-hailing/sharing apps like Uber are illegal and, therefore, unavailable in Barcelona. Cabify is the next best thing.

    people dancing in Opium nightclub Barcelona

    When is Opium Barcelona open?

    Unlike other nightclubs of comparable status in the city, Opium Barcelona opens its doors to partygoers and revellers nightly every day of the week.

    The exact opening hours may change from season to season. In summer, for instance, the nightclub opens at around 1 PM and keeps buzzing till 5 AM or 6 AM, depending on the day of the week.

    For precise days and times of opening, along with the programme of events and DJ line-up, we recommend you check the official Opium Barcelona website.

    What is the dress code like at Opium Barcelona?

    Again, the dress code here is one of, if not the strictest in Barcelona. If you have sweatpants, athletic wear of any style, hat, undercut hairstyle, uniform, lots of piercing, many tats, or rasta, you won’t go beyond the heavy-set bouncers.

    We recommend that ladies rock, cocktail dresses, or whatever else is chic (read: fancy). As far as guys go, you should be well-kept, showered, and fresh. Of course, you must avoid all the dress code no-nos indicated above.

    the dj at Opium nightclub Barcelona

    What is the crowd like at Opium Barcelona?

    Opium Barcelona attracts the fanciest of clubbers, partygoers, and tourists. However, the crowd tends to be young and cuts the cross-section.

    Thanks to the massively strict dress code, expect to see celebrities, footballers, and other high-calibre individuals here. Then, there are the electronic heads who can recite techno tunes, line by line.

    Professional party-goers love Opium for its reliability to always be banging with lively music, sophisticated folk and great atmosphere.

    You’ll also come across high-calibre tourists on VIP tours, with some stumbling from Las Ramblas looking for a reliable dance spot. Once they walk through the door, it’s hard to tell their difference – all you can see are designer labels, stiletto high heels, and lots of pricey champagne!

    the best party at Opium nightclub Barcelona

    Who can enter Opium Barcelona?

    The bouncers at Opium go hard on the dress code issue, particularly on peak nights like Saturdays and Fridays.

    If you don’t adhere to the dress code, especially as a guy, good luck getting in.

    Does Opium Barcelona have dining?

    Yes! The club has a sophisticated restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating, including an ample terrace with stunning sea vistas.

    The menu features a variety of delicious rice dishes and classic Mediterranean cuisine.

    The resturaunt closes at midnight.

    the vip area Opium nightclub Barcelona

    Thanks for reading our article on Opium Nightclub in Barcelona we really hope it helped out with any questions you might of had about one of our favorite clubs in Barcelona! If you are looking for any more night spots please check out our Nightlife in Barcelona guide!

    Another top choice for best clubs in Barcelona is Pacha Nightclub Barcelona.

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