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Pacha nightclub in Barcelona!

Are you in pursuit of an unforgettable thrill? Dance your night away at Pacha Barcelona. It’s a must-visit top-of-the-line nightclub favorably positioned on the city’s beautiful boardwalk, which is lined with a ton of fancy restaurants, aesthetic sculptures, and strings of palm trees.

Pacha comes with an irresistible Ibiza beachside vibe. Tell you what, it’s now on the list of Barcelona’s top three best nightclubs, a feat it has only attained by truly mastering the art of keeping revelers happy. Nearly all tourists and locals know about this venue, and most long to spend some time there, even for a few hours. 

So, which secrets does Pacha have up its sleeves to draw in such a large portion of Barcelona’s nightlife enthusiasts? Find the answer to that question in this quick, comprehensive guide. We’ll also look into the club’s past, some excellent accommodation options, and how you can get there when you’re ready to party. 

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Pacha Barcelona at a Glance

    Best beach nightclub in Barcelona! 

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    Brief History of Pacha

    Pacha Barcelona’s over-the-top glory could result from the brand’s vast experience in the region’s entertainment scene. The nightclub franchise opened the doors of its first venue in Sitges in 1967.

    In 1973, Ricardo Urgell collaborated with his brother Piti and the outstanding architect Jordi Goula to expand to Ibiza. At the time, the hippy movement was in full swing, and merrymakers were eager to spread love while enjoying the exhilarating night scene the club presented.

    Following its tremendous success in Ibiza, Pacha launched a location in Barcelona, and other parts of the world, including the US, Brazil, and Germany.

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    What to Expect at Pacha Barcelona

    If you’re searching for a thumping nightclub that twines together diverse elements to give you the time of your life in a single night, you can’t go wrong with Pacha Barcelona. Here’s what it offers:

    • A Wonderful Ambiance

    Pacha’s aura is best defined as intoxicating, with its white tones, contemporary pieces of furniture, and spectacular natural wood finishes.

    Each experience is one of a kind, and you’re bound to feel at home, whether you go there alone or with a bunch of 5-10 friends. The club also boasts a team of warm staff to serve you and treat you right until the sun comes out. 

    The terrace makes the perfect place to go when you need a breath of fresh air while basking in the beauty of the moonlit sky.

    • Fantastic Music

    Pacha is the home of music lovers, including Spain’s top DJs and artists; you might even bump into your favorite music icons there.

    Did you know the club inspired James Blunt’s “1973”? The English singer has even confessed to liking the club’s impressive night scene.

    What’s more, Pacha was featured in “It’s All Gone Pete Tong,” a 2005 movie whose cast included famous DJs like Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox, Pete Tong, and Tiesto.

    So, typically, Pacha plays R&B, Afrobeat, Hip Hop, and Reggaeton from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays and Saturdays, you get some of those genres in addition to top hits.

    Sundays at Pacha are for Techno and Electronic music enthusiasts.

    • A Classy Restaurant

    Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t always fun, so Pacha starts in an elegant restaurant serving a diverse range of dishes, including tasty Mediterranean and Asian options.

    Of course, you can always order cocktails or some wine at the restaurant if you want to get to the club while buzzed, but it all comes down to what you want or your plans for the night.

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    How to Get to Pacha Barcelona

    Pacha Barcelona is easily accessible, thanks to its convenient location. Self-driving to the club is an option, but it’s only feasible if you have a reliable designated driver to take you home or to your hotel room once you’ve had enough fun.

    Alternatively, use public transportation to get to the nightclub.


    The best way to get to Pacha is through the Metro line L4; Barceloneta is the nearest station. Once you arrive at the latter, feel free to walk to the venue, which will take you less than five minutes.


    Bus lines 47, D20, H16, and V27, will serve you right when you’re heading to Pacha,  though the time you’ll take to arrive at the club depends on your departure point. For instance, if you’re from Ikea, you’ll need about 46 minutes, but partyers from Splau need 76 minutes to get there.

    Notably, buses rarely stop right outside Pacha. Nevertheless, the available stations, such as Pg Marítim, Hospital Del Mar, Trelawny – Av Litoral, Trelawny – Pg Marítim, Marina-Pl. Dels Voluntaris and Icària – Parc Carles I, are less than ten minutes away on foot.


    You can also get to Pacha by trains R10, R2S, R3, and R4. The nearest train station is Barcelona – Estació De França, a 7-minute walk from the club.

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    Should You Make a Reservation?

    Be sure to reserve a table at Pacha Barcelona before you head there. You only need to pay a 10% deposit, but the total amount you’ll spend varies.

    As of this writing, a VIP table at Pacha goes for €250 and can accommodate a maximum of five people. But if you and your pals want a VIP DJ table so you can sit right next to the DJ booth, and have full access to the vast dancefloor, prepare to part with €400 (€80 per person).

    Accommodation Near Pacha Barcelona

    Stay close to Pacha Barcelona to get the most out of what the nightclub offers. These are the top best nearby hotels to consider when looking for safe and comfortable accommodation:

    • Sofitel Barcelona Skipper
    • Hotel SB Icària
    • Hotel Arts Barcelona
    • ibis Styles Barcelona City Bogatell Hotel
    • Hotel Santa Marta
    • NH Collection Barcelona Podium
    • H10 Port Vell
    • Hotel Oasis
    • Arc House Barcelona
    the beach entrance to pacha barcelona

    We love Pacha it is one of our favourite clubs in Barcelona and definetly our favourite beach club! If you really want a great late night out then Pacha is the spot for you! We also would recomend it for a day drink spot as the resturaunt bar is a great spot to chill out on the beach all day! If you are interested in other night time activities check out our nightlife in Barecelona guide or have a look through our blog for for things to check out!

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