Pub crawl Barcelona

Top Ten Cheap Eats in Barcelona

Pub crawl Barcelona top 10 cheap eats in Barcelona

Pub crawl Barcelona top 10 cheap eats in Barcelona

Barcelona has so much to offer. This city is stunningly beautiful, there are long stretches of beaches, amazing nightlife and of course a wide selection of some of the best food in Europe.  Many people who come here are holidaymakers and travellers who are balling on a budget. Who wants to spend 30 euros a head on dinner when that could be saved for the party that evening? Local knowledge is everything when finding good places to eat in a foreign city. With that in mind here is a run down of a variety of the top 10 cheap places to grab a bite in Barcelona…

  1. Cafeteria I Bocateria El Atlas (Rambla Del Raval, 30, 08001, Barcelona)

If you are looking for a huge sandwich in the centre of Barcelona look no further. This cafeteria offers a tuna and ham baguette. You then add your choice of salads. There is lettuce, beetroot, carrot, pickles, cheese, olives, onions and tomatoes. Then they stuff the rest of your baguette with French fries. Add mayo and spicy sauce if you wish and this will only set you back 2.50 euros. A chicken or beef option is 3.50. There is usually a queue out the front but it goes down quickly as these guys make a sandwich faster than anyone you would have ever seen! Enjoy!

  1. Rumbanroll (Carrer de la Maquinista, 6, 08003, Barcelona)

This is a fantastic little take away spot on the way down to the beach. They have a big variety of freshly cooked meals ranging from chicken, roast beef and pork then you can add a side such as rice, quinoa, potatoes, pasta or salad. There are also vegetarian options and salads as mains if you wish. It is very reasonably priced around 5 euros for a portion and is very tasty!

  1. Taller De Tapas 9 different locations around the city

When you think of Spanish food, Tapas is the first thing that springs to mind. Of the many tapas restaurants around the city a lot of them are not tasty and tourist traps. Taller de Tapas is the exception. There are 9 different restaurants around the city centre, all of them offering good, cheap tapas. Dishes range from Andalucían style fried squid to pan steamed mussels and roasted red peppers. Take advantage of the fact that you are by the sea and tuck into the seafood options!

  1. La Cassola (Carrer Almirral Cervera, 16, 08003 Barcelona)

When you are sun tanning off your hangover down at the beach and the thought of food is finally becoming a viable option La Cassola is a the perfect place to grab some lunch. It is a little take away hole in the wall with a great selection of food for only 3 euros a portion! Everyday there is a variety of around 15 different options including a ¼ roast chicken and roast potatoes! There are different meat, fish and veggie options everyday you will not find a cheaper meal anywhere near the beach for sure!

  1. Comida de Olla (Carrer de Praga, 1, 08024, Barcelona)

This is a fantastic little family run restaurant. They do a 3 course set menu for 12 euros with both meat and veggie options on each course. First courses are usually a salad or pasta dish. Mains courses include homemade meatballs with jasmine rice, paella or grilled hake with Baker’s potatos. Then a dessert or coffee to finish off. There can be a queue for this restaurant which is of course is a sign of how good it is! But you will not get better value on a three course meal in the city!

  1. La Malandrina (Carrer de Almirral Cervera, 5, 08003, Barcelona)

On the same road as La Cassola is one of the best steak houses in the city. Normally a steak you can pay upwards of 50 euros plus. The reason why this particular restaurant makes this list is because an Argentinian sirloin steak here is 10 euros. That steak comes with either chips, creamed potatoes, rice or salad. Try not to stuff yourself on the delicious dips they bring out for free at the start of the meal either! The menu also has mixed grill platters and a bottle of house wine goes for around 6 euros.

  1. Moaz (Carrer Ferran, 13, 08002, Barcelona)

A stones throw from La Rambla is a vegetarian buffet called Moaz. I would pretty much consider myself a carnivore but once a week I do like to go to this buffet and get a fill of good quality tasty veggie options which are actually quite delicious! For 5.40 euros you are given a bowl with four falafels and then you choose from a good selection of around 10 different options, chickpeas, deep fried coli flour, peppers, sun dried tomatoes etc. What isn’t advertised on the menu is that the salad bar is unlimited. You can have as many portions as you like then when you are done you fill it up again and they give you a lid so you can take it away! It’s a great bargain for high quality vegetarian food.

  1. Lechuga (Carrer Escudellers 33, 08002, Barcelona)

If you are doing some sightseeing around the city centre and want a quick bite then Lechuga is perfect. It is a pizza slice place right around the corner from Placa Reil, just off La Rambla. A slice of pizza is 2.20 euros or you can get two slices and a drink for 5 euros. The pizza is extremely tasty with an ever changing variety on offer. A favourite is one with a large slice of goats cheese which you drizzle honey on. I know it sounds wrong but after trying it once I take that option more often than not now!

  1. Restaurant Wok Arc De Triumph (Passeig de Lluis Companys, 19, 08018, Barcelona)

Generally I’m not a fan of all you can eat buffets because they seem to sacrifice the quality for the quantity. This one is an exception. There is a huge selection of food here, not only pre cooked food and sushi but there is a big selection of fresh fish, shell fish and vegetables that their chef will cook for you. The prices vary according to the time you go. Cheapest is from 12-3pm which will only set you back 10.90 euros for a huge selection of an all you can eat buffet.

  1. Bo de B (Carrer de la Fusteria, 14, 08002, Barcelona)

Right by the post office in the city centre is a very popular sandwich shop and with good reason. A chicken sandwich here with all the trimmings will only set you back 4 euros and they are absolutely delicious. The only draw back of this place is there is constantly a queue outside but again that is just a mark of how popular this place is!