Pub crawl Barcelona

Shauna, 26, Kelowna, Canada

I heard about Pub Crawl Barcelona from two girls in Amsterdam that were wearing the t shirts they got when they bought the tickets. They said they both had the best night so me and my boyfriend wanted to check it out. We met at an Australian bar at the Port Olympic hit up a couple more bars before heading to Opium which is one of the biggest clubs at the beach. One thing we both really loved was that it was such a social party and got to meet so many people. Highly recommended!

Scott, 24, Edinburgh, Scotland

We were all having a beer in the beach when we got approached by a couple of girls selling pub crawl tickets. Pub crawls around Edinburgh are a pretty standard thing but we thought we would try one in a different city and we were so thankful that we did! We went back on the next two nights as well because it was free once you buy the wristband you can go as many times as you want. We still got the free drinks every time we went and they changed the club every night so we got to see three different clubs. Such a bargain and lots of fun!

Michael, 19, Buckinghamshire, England

I was searching for things to do when I got to Barcelona online so when I found the pub crawl I bought it straight away. Travelling through Europe as a solo traveller can be intimidating when trying to meet new people but I thought a pub crawl, there are so many people on them so I can meet new people. I wasn’t wrong either there were at least 300 people the night I went it was insane! I met so many cool people as well. Thank you pub crawl barcelona for making my time in the city such a memorable one!

Sarah, 29, Dublin, Ireland

We have so many pub crawls in Dublin at first I was actually a little sceptical about trying this one. The two girls I was travelling were so determined eventually we bought the tickets. I’m so glad I got persuaded into it cos we had the best night ever. After a few bars they took us to Pacha this amazing club on the beach it was such a good crack. When the club kicked us out we all walked on to the beach and watched the sunrise it was an epic ended to an unreal night!

Nick, 28, Sydney, Australia

If you are travelling through Barcelona this summer Pub Crawl Barcelona is not one to do sniffed at! Bite into it and chew off a big chunk! What a night! We turned up to the first bar which was an Australian Bar. That was one win! The night got more and more crazy as it went on, there was beer pong, chicks doing body shots then the club, I can’t remember the name of it to be honest cos we were so cooked by the time we got there, it was one of the big beach ones it was epic! Don’t miss Pub Crawl Barcelona on your next trip there for sure!

Dayna, San Diego, USA

Pub crawls aren’t as big a thing in the US as they are in Europe. After going on Pub Crawl Barcelona I can’t think why that is! We had such a great time! We went to three bars and then it was a short coach ride to this amazing hip hop club. I went on a few more pub crawl on my eurotrip after that but non of them quite topped Pub Crawl Barcelona! I definitely recommend this one if you are travelling there!

Tommy ,22, Newport, Wales

This was my third trip to Barcelona and my only regret is that I didn’t know about Pub Crawl Barcelona on my other two! It was such a banging night I’ve never been on a night out where there were so many people from so many different countries. And by the time we got to the club I recognised so many people from the pub crawl in there. Don’t miss this party!

Anthony, 30, Christchurch, New Zealand

This was the most interactive pub crawl I’ve been on. Pub Crawl Barcelona has to coolest staff who really get involved in making sure everyone has a great time. They set up drinking games like beer pong and body shots. My girlfriend and a girl member of staff did a body shot it has the hottest thing ever haha. The best thing was when we got to the club we didn’t queue at all we all jumped straight to the front. The other queue was massive and we all just walked straight in! Queueing is overrated!

Dane, 27, New York, USA

This was without a doubt the highlight of my Euro trip. I loved it so much I went back 3 more times and didn’t have to pay a thing on returning. As long as you keep the wristband you can go as many times as you want! The bars are the same but they changed to club so I got to see three of the clubs at the beach which were all spectacular! I would totally recommend this to anyone in Barcelona I doubt there is a more fun night out in Spain! I will be back next time for sure!

Tory, 23, Winnipeg, Canada

I met a couple of guys on the beach who were really cool and were selling tickets to the pub crawl. They sold it as a really good night and we didn’t have anything better planned so we signed up to the Pub Crawl Barcelona. Considering it was only 20 euros we got so much for our money, a free singlet, a drink at each of the bars then VIP entrance to the nightclub. The staff are great as well plus they party hard setting an awesome vibe on the crawl. Definitely a fun night out!