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Razzmatazz night club in Barcelona!

The crown jewel of the Poblenou neighbourhood, Razzmatazz is hands down the hottest and, unsurprisingly, the largest nightclub in Barcelona. Trust us; there’s no better place to be if you want to enjoy Barcelona’s world-class nightlife at its brightest.

This mammoth club boasts not two, not three, and not four, but five distinct entertainment halls, the main of which can host up to 2,000 revellers. As if that isn’t terrific enough, the club’s eclectic playlist runs the gamut from electro-pop & rock to indie & dubstep. Nearly every A-list performer has played at the club, from Bono to Bananarama.

Keep reading to find out more about the king of Barcelona’s nightlife, the Sala Razzmatazz.

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Razzmatazz Barcelona at a Glance

Physical Address: C/ Pamplona 88, 1er Piso 08018, Barcelona


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Brief History of Razzmatazz

The roots of club Razzmatazz can be traced back to the iconic Sala Zeleste. Located at Carrer Platería, the legendary Sala Zeleste was shut down to pave the way to an all-new and much bigger entertainment spot at Carrer Almogàvers in the neighbourhood of Poblenou.

The brand-new Sala Zeleste occupied an ample space that formerly housed a couple of stamp and carpet factories. It boasted the industrial look and feel of a loft, with three high-ceiling and spacious halls that could hold well over 3,000 at once. The main hall, the largest of the three, could hold up to 2,000 people, making Sala Zeleste the only club in Barcelona that could double as a concert venue. This feature alone put it at the heart of Barcelona’s concert scene.

It wasn’t long before the new club hosted some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. We’re talking about Phish, Radiohead, Blur, Sopa de Cabra, The Offspring, Els Pets, Sugarcubes, Juan Luis Guerra, Bauhaus, Björk, Siouxie, Tricky, PJ Harvey, Oasis, James Taylor, Yoko Ono, and Paul McCartney.
Unfortunately, club Sala Zeleste ran into massive debt and financial constraints. By 2000, the club had a back rent of € 36,000 and around €780,000 in debt. The financial troubles caught up with them, and they had to close the shop. Thankfully, the club was reopened by new owners under a spanking new name: Razzmatazz, with a few cosmetic upgrades.

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Shedding the Spotlight on Razzmatazz, the Night Club

Razzmatazz has been dubbed the only super-nightclub in Barcelona, and with good reason. Not only is the nightclub massive (with a total capacity of over 3,000), but it’s also made up of five distinct club entertainment halls under one warehouse-esque property. Two spaces are surprisingly large and often double as concert halls, while the other three offer an intimate club atmosphere.

You could enter one of these spaces and feel as if you’re in a different club all night long. Or perhaps, you can indulge yourself in a night full of fun and oomph by hopping from one club space to the next. All Razzmatazz halls have their own bars, corridors, relaxing lounges, and dance floors – plenty keeps you entertained from dusk to dawn.

Of course, each club hall sports its own vibe, charm, and music genre…

The Rex Room is Razzmatazz’s largest and main club space. This 2,000-person hall is where the magic happens during live concerts; it has probably seen more celebrities and musicians than anywhere else in Barcelona. Here, think Kanye West, Pulp, Jeff Mills, Belle, Blur, The Strokes, Orbital, Coldplay, David Byrne, and Skrillex. In fact, many A-list performers plied their trade for the first time here before they became world stars or went platinum, including The Gossip, Franz Ferdinard, and Arctic Monkeys.

If electro-rock is your muse, the Rex Room is one place you don’t want to miss when sampling Barcelona’s nightlife. The Loft is another spacious club space where the music policy is almost strictly tech-house – we’re talking about fab dubstep, electro-rock, and techno-pop.

The Pop Bar offers an intimate ambiance where you can sip delicious cocktails and listen to some of the hottest electro-pop and classic pop jams. If Indie rock typically rocks your boat, we recommend heading to the Razz Club. Lolita is your go-to for a blend of electronica, nu-disco, electro-pop, and house music.

The nightclub’s music range is varied, offering something unique and exciting across the different halls, nights, and seasons. For example, Fridays are Fuego nights across all five spaces, offering a fusion of many styles, including Afrobeat, reggaeton, R&B, dancehall, grime, hip-hop, and trap.

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Where is Razzmatazz, and how do I get there?

Razzmatazz is located at Carrer Pamplona 88, 1er Piso in Barcelona’s neighbourhood of Poblenou. It’s just a 20-minute walk from PLAÇA CATALUNYA, which makes it a favourite stop if you’re exploring the city on foot. If you’re driving, it’s only 5 minutes away.

The best way to get here is via Metro Red Line, L1, which stops at the Marina station. The nightclub is 5 to 10-min walk from the metro station. When you get off, take a turn down Calle dels Almogavers, and walk until you get to Calle Pamplona. From here, turn right, and the club will be in your view on the left.

If you’re using public bus lines H16, B25, B20, 40, 6, or H14, they all stop right in front of the club. NIT Bus lines N0/N11 and tram stop at Marina o Auditori/Teatre Nacional.

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What time is Razzmatazz open?

The operating hours can vary a bit, depending on the season. As of writing, Razzmatazz opens every Thursday and Friday from 12:30 AM to 5 AM and Saturday and Sunday from 1 AM to 6 AM. It may open any night of the week, earlier, and close much later for some concerts and events, so check the programme calendar beforehand.

Who is allowed to enter the nightclub?

Most patrons at Razzmatazz are pretty much youngsters. However, you must be at least 18 years of age to enter the club. You’ll be carded at the door, so bring a valid driver’s licence, passport, or ID.

Where can I stay near Razzmatazz?

There are plenty of hotels and accommodations near the nightclub, including:

  • Hotel Sallés Pere IV
  • Twentytu Hostel Barcelona
  • Hotel NH Barcelona Diagonal Centre
  • ZT The Golden Hotel Barcelona
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This is one of our best night clubs in Barcelona series please have a look through our blog to check out some more posts from the series and get to know the best places to party in Barcelona before you ever get here!

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