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Romantic places in Barcelona

a couple enjoy a romantic kiss in barcelona

Barcelona is famous for many things, but did you know it’s also one of the most romantic cities on Earth! In fact, many people come to Barcelona to propose or for a honeymoon. But where in Barcelona truly captures this famous romantic Spanish spirit? 

Well, there are many great romantic places in Spain, but which should you visit? In this blog, we’ll be looking at some of our top picks for Barcelona’s most romantic places to visit. So, if you’re looking to celebrate your love, head to one of these great places.

Parc Guell

Parc Guell is found high on Carmel Hill and is a truly wonderful place to visit! Famous for its beautiful colorful mosaics, this public park is visited by thousands of people every day. If you pay a small fee, you can even visit the Monumental Zone to see the artwork up close and visit the public terraces. 

Parc Guell is a great place for couples to spend a morning or afternoon. You can take in the amazing artwork and get lost exploring the beautiful nature spots. There are many great cafes and restaurants nearby too. Everyone knows parks can make wonderful romantic places and the Parc Guell is one of the best in Spain. 

dusk sets in barcelona from parc guell

Magic Fountains at Mountjuic

If you’re planning on proposing during your trip to Barcelona, then there is no finer place to do than the Magic Fountains at the Montjuic! Make sure you pick the right time, though, because it’s a very popular spot to propose at. 

More than fifty individual fountains make up a glorious display with a variety of different colors! It’s best to visit the fountains later in the day, especially when the sun goes down, as you can see the wonderful lights displays as well. It’s a truly magical romantic place to visit and one you won’t soon forget. 

magic fountains

Parc de la Ciutadella

It’s another of the picturesque parks in Barcelona, but the Parc de la Ciutadella is quite different. Perfect for picnics, this beautiful oasis is adorned with some stunning statues and magnificent monuments. 

It’s a great place for couples to spend some time together and even features an onsite zoo and multiple museums! So, there is plenty to see and do at the Parc de la Ciutadella, and it’s got a very relaxed, romantic atmosphere. It’s really the ideal place for lovebirds and sure to be a great experience. 

parc ciutadella

La Barceloneta Beach

While there a plenty of amazing romantic beaches in Barcelona, we think the popular La Barceloneta Beach is worth highlighting if you’re looking for a romantic evening beachside stroll. This beautiful beach is a hive of activity during the day, but as the day gets later, it makes a wonderfully romantic spot. 

Whether you’re simply enjoying each other’s company and the sound of the waves or having a romantic meal at one of the many beachside restaurants, a trip to La Barceloneta Beach is sure to be a great time. For a more relaxed and romantic experience, we do recommend visiting later in the day, though. 

a couple enjoy a romantic evening on barceloneta beach

Casa Mila

The Casa Mila is a wonderful work of architecture from the famed architect Antoni Gaudí. The huge mansion was once restricted to VIP visitors only, but nowadays, it can be enjoyed by everyone. It makes a wonderfully romantic place to visit, especially later in the day. 

A late evening tour around the Casa Mila is sure to be an unforgettable experience. You can even finish the tour with drinks on the rooftop terrace while you take in the amazing views of the Barcelona skyline. 

view of the roofs at casa mila barcelona

Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter has got something for everyone and is a very romantic neighbourhood perfect for couples looking for a fun way to spend the day together. From small cafes and restaurants to artisan shops, you’ll easily be able to spend a whole day (or even two) exploring the quarter. 

As you explore the cobblestone streets, there are also many amazing pieces of European architecture. Located in the very heart of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter is well worth a visit and incredibly romantic. 

the gothic quarter at night

So, that’s our picks for some of Barcelona’s most romantic places to visit. Spain is a very passionate country, and this love for romance is beautifully captured all around Barcelona. So, if you’re looking to celebrate your love, be sure to visit some of these amazing places. 

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