Pub crawl Barcelona

Tales from the pub crawl

Last summer was my third trip to Barcelona. I would say I knew the city quite well unlike Cheryl and Tina who had never been there before. I was super excited about coming back. There is so much to see there and the nightlife in the city rivals Manchester! I remember there are loads of clubs around La Rambla, last times we went to Jamboree and Boulevard which is the biggest one. I heard about the ones down by the beach but I never went to them cos I was a student back then and was holidaying on a shoestring budget!


As soon as we landed we went to our hostel which was the same one I stayed in last time St Christopher’s which is right next to Plaça Catalunya where you get off the Aerobus. We landed quite late so we dropped our bags in our room and got ready in record time! The bar attached to the hostel is called Belushis and is pretty cool for a hostel bar and cheap! We started smashing Jagerbombs and vodkas and then a guy came up to us saying they were gonna do a pub crawl so we tagged along with them. To be honest I don’t remember much of the night especially at the end! Maybe it was cos we’d been travelling and we were already tired but by the time we got to Boulevard I was pretty bored so we all went back to St Christopher’s and got some kip.


The next morning I woke up early and jumped on Tuna and Cheryl cos I wanted to get to the beach! They were struggling more than I was because they are lightweights haha so we went and got some breakfast and walked down to the sea. That beach is so beautiful! All that sand and sea, we found a spot and settled in for a day of tanning!


Around 2pm Tina thought we should start drinking again because the hangover was killing her haha so she went to the shop. A couple approached us called Sven and Yessica. They were super nice and friendly and asked us what we were doing that evening. We honestly hadn’t thought further than getting a few drinks inside us on the beach! They said they worked for a pub crawl company and asked us if they wanted us to join them that evening. We didn’t wanna make a decision until Tina got back so we chatted with them about Barcelona. We found out that Yessica had met Sven by approaching him on the beach and getting him on the pub crawl that’s how they met and got together! So cute! They were so lovely that by the time Tina got back I wanted to sign up with them anyway! Cheryl was a bit put off because the pub crawl we went on the night before was kinda boring with not that many people on it. But they said there would be a minimum 300 people on tonight, plus they were gonna go to Pacha which is one of the biggest clubs at the Port Olympic!


In the pack there was a singlet, on the back of it was ‘keep the streets clean and the sex dirty’ hahaha, a wrist band which was the ticket, membership to a weed association and a couple of other bits. Sven explained that if we bought this pack as long as we had the wristband on we could go to the pub crawl as many times as we wanted! We still had three nights to go so why thought why not! We only had money for two of the tickets but they explained that we would buy two tickets and then the other one would be reserved for us on the door when we got there.


That evening we went to the meeting point which was a bar at the Port Olympic. It was pretty easy to find from the metro station plus the map they gave us in the pack was so detailed. The first bar was an Australian bar. We got there at 10.45pm and already it was packed with people! It was easy to see who was on the pub crawl because everyone had one of the wristbands on. We got a beer in that first bar, they gave Tina a shot instead cos she doesn’t drink beer. We got involved in the beer pong game there which the girls won obvs haha.


At the next bar things started getting rowdy! The staff set up some body shots which Cheryl jumped up for, she doesn’t hold back that girl! The guy she did it with she ended up copping off with we didn’t see her til the next morning! At the last bar we got another free shot. It was so cool being with a big group of people and all partying together. By the time we got to the club we were all pretty wasted. The queue to get into Pacha was huge but we went down a flight on stairs and had our own doorway! We were at the club for less than 5 minutes and we were already inside! Plus we didn’t pay anything extra on the door we just showed our wristbands and walked straight in!


Pacha was easily one of the coolest clubs I’ve ever been in! It was a huge dance floor then out the back on the beach there was a massive terrace. The DJ was absolutely banging and the whole dance floor was jumping up and down to the most pumping house tunes. They eventually kicked us out at 6am so a squad of us walked onto the beach and chatted until the sun came up. It was such an amazing ending to an epic night!


I am sure we will back back next summer and we will definitely be signing up for the pub crawl against it is such a cool way to see Barcelona nightlife and for cheap!