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We had such a great time on Pub Crawl Barcelona! You get free shots, loads of drinking games and then we got VIP entrance to Pacha which is one of the biggest clubs on the beach. There was no queuing or anything we were inside a few minutes after arriving to the club we jumped a huge queue! Pacha was absolutely banging and it was great cos everyone we had been partying with throughout the evening were with us in the club! Such a great way to see the Barcelona nightlife! Thank you Pub Crawl Barcelona we will see you on our next trip!

Dave, 28

Manchester, England

What a night! I can’t remember everything obviously because of all the free drinks! I do remember lots of drinking games, beer pong, and some smoking hot girls doing body shots off each other! It was a crazy party, so many different nationalities there as well. The staff were so good at getting the party going and starting gam3s and fun. Highly recommended to anyone heading to Barcelona jump on the Pub Crawl Barcelona it’s an evening you may not remember but you will never forget!

Tommy, 29

Copenhagen, Denmark

Me and my girlfriend were sitting on the beach in Barcelona and a couple of cute guys came up to us and told us about this Pub Crawl Barcelona. I had never done a pub crawl before but Sarah had and she was dead keen so we got the tickets and went there that night. It was a wild party! Loads of drinking games (including beer pong which me and Sarah are the masters of!) I can’t remember the name of the club we went to but it was amazing hip hop in there which was a nice change from all the EDM you hear everywhere in Europe! Would definitely come back on my next trip!

Shauna, 28

Kansas, USA

I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a pub crawl, to be honest. One of my friends who I went with was dead set on going on one because she had done them all around the world and has always insisted to me it is the best way to see a city’s nightlife. We headed down to the port Olympic area from the centre of the city which was a cheap 5 euro cab ride. We found the first bar pretty easily as there was a group of staff standing outside welcoming people to the party. We all did a shot which was something fruity and alcoholic and we ordered a couple of drinks. The first bar was a good start bar, big and spacious with room to either stand and chat or get on the dance floor if you were already that lit in the early stages on the night which as a group of English guys clearly were! The people on the crawl were an eclectic mix from all over the world. One of the things I liked about this bar crawl was that all the bars were in close proximity. You weren’t walking more than 50-75 metres to get anywhere. When we did arrive to the club which was Opium which I later found out was the biggest of the super clubs in the beach we were ready for a good dance and the music was absolutely popping. I concur with my friend now. A bar crawl really is a great way to see the city.

Livvy, 24

Sydney, Australia

Me and four other girlies hit up Barcelona for the weekend and thank God we found Pub Crawl Barcelona because it totally made our trip! We weren’t sure what to do on the first night but we met Evet on the beach. She was so nice and it sounded like so much fun so we bought the tickets then and there! We met at a bar by the Port Olympic and did a Pub crawl around the area then went to Opium which is the biggest of the beach clubs and got VIP entrance! Yvette you are a legend thank you for getting us on it was such a great night!

Sophie, 23

London, England

Pub Crawl Barcelona was the best choice we made on our holiday! We bought the tickets online and had so much fun we went back twice every more for free! It’s very social so we got to meet lots of really fun people and the staff who were taking us from bar to bar were amazing! We are coming back to Barcelona next summer for sure and we are going to buy the Pub Crawl Barcelona tickets at the same time as we book our flights!

Alva, 22

Stockholm, Sweden

I love pub crawls. On my latest euro trip I did them in London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam so it only seemed right that I sent on one in Barcelona! I wasn’t undecided about which one to go on but on my first day at the beach a couple of promoters approached me and offered tickets to a pub crawl that evening. This crawl they said was the largest in Barcelona and when I turned up just before 11 that evening I could see why there were at least 300 people on it! All the bars on the crawl were located by the marina at the port Olympic which is were the club’s are as well. The bars were relatively cheap which was great because like many backpackers is was travelling in a budget! The staff were cool and helpfull, guiding us from bar to bar. The highlight of the evening was when we arrived at the club, I forget the name it was one of the big clubs down by the beach, we skipped the entire line and walked straight in! There must have been people queuing for well over an hour to get in and we were in, in under three minutes! The club was absolutely going off when we went in there it was the perfect ending to a great night!

Alva, 22

Blaire, 28, Philadelphia, USA

I thought there were loads of crazy parties where we are from in Maidstone but Pub Crawl Barcelona was another level! There was a couple of guys in our hostel talking about it because they had been on it the night before and said it was banging. They were going again that night cos you can go as many times as you want when you buy the ticket and have the wristband. The pub crawl was loads of fun and he club we went to, I can’t remember the name but it was one of the massive ones down at the beach was one of the coolest clubs I’ve ever seen!

Sharon, 21

Kent, England

A couple of my mates had done Pub Crawl Barcelona the previous summer so we signed up online and met the group that night down at the Port Olympic. There was easily 250 people on the crawl that night it was insane. It was my first holiday outside of England so it was great mixing with people from all over the world. The guides were so cool and partied all night with us until the early hours then we all went and chilled on the beach. Best night of my holidays for sure!

Danny, 24

Leicester, England

I found out about the bar crawl Barcelona online when I was researching nights out in Barcelona. As I didn’t know the city at all a pub crawl seemed like a good plan as you are with a group of people on an organised excursion. Arriving at the bar I was greeted by a member of staff who pointed me inside and giving me a shot. Good start then! The group who came along on the crawl were very mixed both in age and nationality. It made it interesting as I hadn’t travelled that much I met so many people from around the world. The staff were great fun and very engaging. They spent the whole evening chatting with the customers, dancing and starting drinking games. When we left the first bar it was just a short walk to the next bar and another shot greeted us as we arrived. The group were starting to get pretty merry but this stage! As you are partying all together it was a great atmosphere on the crawl. The staff were great at keeping the energy and momentum up. We got to the club around 1am and skipped the huge line and walked straight in which was one of the biggest bonuses of the night! The club was called Pacha, it’s one of the super clubs in the beach. The banging house music was going until the lights came in at 6am. If you are a solo traveller then Bar Crawl Barcelona is a great way to meet people and get a feel for the Barcelona nightlife.

Tommy, 28

London, UK

We had been hearing all around Europe how amazing Barcelona is and how good the nightlife is. Two girls in France told us about Pub Crawl Barcelona so we found it online and turned up at the start bar (which was an Ozzie bar haha!) The pub crawl was sick, with all the free shots we were proper cooked by the time we got the club on the beach. The coolest thing was not waiting in the queue and just all of us walking straight to the front. Thanks Pub Crawl Barcelona that was a top night!

Steve, 30

Melbourne, Australia

Backpacking around Europe I do like to do a pub crawl in each city because they are very social and it is a great way to meet people, especially if you are travelling n your own. Pub Crawl Barcelona was such a highlight of my trip! I met so many amazing people that night including two Australian girls who I ended up travelling to Portugal with. I definitely recommend Pub Crawl Barcelona to anyone travelling through the city it’s a great experience!

Emily, 26

Vancouver, Canada

Pub crawls are not as common in the states as they are in Europe. Every major city I’ve been through in Europe has a plethora of different pub crawls to choose from and Barcelona is no different. I signed up for Bar Crawl Barcelona after reading some very good reviews. This pub crawl exclusively takes place at the port Olympic which is the main clubbing area in the city. The group meeting at a bar called Zich which is in a long row of bars by the marina. The music is pumping in the bar which is busy even though I arrived fairly early. This is another thing to note about Europe, everything starts later here! The group was meeting at the first bar at 10.30 and didn’t get into the club until 1am so pace yourself! The staff on the crawl were a lot of fun, they were from all around the world and they certainly knew how to party! I honestly don’t know how they do this every night I would be dead! They bring a great atmosphere to the party, they started some body shots at the second bar that everyone got involved in. We got to Pacha around 1am, skipped the queue and walked straight in. The cost of the ticket alone is worth skipping the huge queues at the port clubs! All in all a highly entertaining night.

David, 25

New York, USA

I like to think I’m a bit of a pub crawl veteran, I’ve done them all round Europe, Australia, Asia etc. The thing I really liked about Pub Crawl Barcelona was that I was in the city for 3 days and I went each night and they only charged me once. I still got the free drinks every night and they changed the club every night as well so I got so much value out of a 20 euro investment. Each night was different and so much fun! I haven’t found another pub crawl that does that!

Ryan, 30

Henley on Thames, England

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