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Visiting Barcelona in Autumn

autumn leaves in Barcelona

Barcelona will blow you away with its vibrant culture, electric nightlife, and funky architecture, plus the city is dotted with enough art galleries, museums, and cathedrals to wow even the most discerning culture aficionado. While Barcelona is a delight year-round, autumn is hands down the perfect time to visit the seaside paradise.

Autumn in Catalonia is almost magical because the Mediterranean weather is still relatively sunny and warm with a refreshingly cool breeze, not to mention the leaves are changing colour. The season brings with it a fresh banquet of concerts, exhibitions, performances, and festivals.

Whether you’re a returning local, music enthusiast, foodie, art lover, sports fan, or just looking to sate your wanderlust, here’s what you should know if visiting Barcelona this autumn.

When is Autumn in Barcelona?

Barcelona is sandwiched between the Collserola Mountains and the western coastline of Spain. That puts this seaside city within the enchanting Mediterranean climate. The autumn season falls between September and October.

sagrada familia in autumn

Why visit Barcelona in Autumn?

Barcelona is a city in its own class. First of all, the weather here is beyond awesome. While it’s great to visit Catalonia any time of the year, autumn is when the city comes into its own.

Thanks to Barcelona’s prime locale in the Mediterranean region, the city enjoys the best of both worlds in terms of weather. Although the days are a little shorter, with a cool breeze wafting from the ocean, the temperatures are still warm and delightful.

Regarding temperatures, Barcelona’s annual average is around 18°C (64°F). Even during the chilliest days of October, the temp hardly ever dips below 7°C (45°F). Let’s not forget the rainy days have also gone with summer.

Because there’s no drenching rain and the weather is still pleasant, you can grab your favourite scarf or light jacket for a stroll around town or explore sights and attractions like Sagrada Familia. You can still dine outside or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Like most places in Europe, the foliage changes colours and begins to fall off trees in Barcelona. This foliage phenomenon blesses the city landscape with a rush of beautiful autumn colours. You’ll enjoy taking a walk beneath a gorgeous canopy of browns, golds, and reds in the city’s botanical gardens, parks, and tree-lined streets.

Autumn also means a unique roster of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and performances at some of the city’s best museums, clubs, resorts, operas, and theatres. October, in particular, guarantees a wide range of sights, attractions, and shows that suit every type of visitor.

If you’re looking for an autumn getaway, you can’t do better than Barcelona. Catalonia’s idyllic villages like Barrio Gotic provide picturesque settings for anyone to kick back, relax, and have fun with friends, family, and loved ones. The courtyards and terraces in the city are delightfully sunny and charming in autumn.

Autumn is also when Barcelona comes alive with a burst of cultural festivities and traditions. We’re talking about foraging for wild mushrooms, La Mercé, La Rioja wine harvest festival, Castañeras, and All Saint’s Day (Catalonia’s Halloween equivalent). The list is endless.

las ramblas in autumn

What to pack when visiting Barcelona in Autum

In autumn, Barcelona’s atmosphere is colourful and vibrant, while the streets are packed with tourists and locals, especially during traditional celebrations and events. It pays to come prepared and well-equipped to make the most of your Barcelona trip.

Here’s what we recommend for packing for your visit:

  • Clothing – As a rule of thumb, you should always have warm clothing handy. If you’re visiting in early September, consider waterproof outerwear. A light jacket might suffice if it’s late in autumn, but you need a beanie hat, scarf, or sweater for a sudden weather change.
  • Photography equipment – You’ll be snapping oodles of Instagram-worthy photos. So, come prepared with a camera and its case. Of course, your latest iPhone or Android smartphone will do the trick. A selfie stick is a must-have.
  • Sunscreen and lip balm – This is the Mediterranean we’re talking about. You don’t want to look like a roasted turkey after a full day of sightseeing and basking in the sun. Chapped lips are no fun, either. Buy or bring sunscreen appropriate for your skin and lip balm.
  • Reusable water bottle – Staying hydrated is key to enjoying the weather and sights in Catalunya to the fullest.
  • Cash/change – You’ll want to tip for service rendered well.
autumn in barcelona

Exploring Barcelona: Top Things to Do in Autumn

– Watch FC Barcelona play at Camp Nou

Football action returns to Camp Nou in autumn. Nothing beats watching FC Barcelona triumph in front of 99,000 cheering spectators.

– Visit Montserrat

Montserrat basilica is a must-visit, even if you’re not a practising Catholic. Take an early bus from Barcelona to beat the crowds – expect the trip to take around 95 minutes. It can get chilly at the hilltop, so bring a light jacket and scarf.

– Forage for wild mushrooms

This is a popular autumn tradition, especially in Catalunya. Entire families venture into the forest on weekends to hunt for wild mushrooms, including black trumpet, bloody milk cap, and porcini. Some tours organise wild mushroom foraging tours.

– Experience a flamenco show

Nowhere in the world is flamenco dance performed so passionately than in Barcelona. It’s a Sunday night tradition you should experience at popular clubs, bars, and taverns.

– Experience La Mercè

Unquestionably the biggest festival in Barcelona in autumn, La Mercè, takes place around 24 September every year. It’s celebrated in honour of Our Lady of Mercy and usually involves hundreds of events, including outdoor theatre, parades, correfocs, concerts, circus acts, dances, and music.

– Enjoy La Rioja Wine Harvest Festival

The wine festival takes place at the end of September. It involves grape crushing or stomping with bare feet and lots of dancing, music, and bullfights. It’s a hoot.

– Immerse yourself in the art & culture scene

Barcelona is packed to the brim with fascinating museums such as the Picasso Museum, art galleries, and other spots that showcase the city’s most prized exhibitions and shows.

– Feast on Boniatos and Castañas

In autumn, the city streets are filled with the water-watering smells of bonitos (sweet potatoes) and castañas (roasted chestnuts). Let these seasonal snacks warm your stomach and soul.

golden autumn leaves in barcelona

Now this is just a quick overview of what to do when visiting Barcelona in Autumn! Check out other posts from our blog to find out even more things to do in this amazing city we call home! Barcelona!

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