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Water Parks in Barcelona

Summer is just around the corner and many of you will be wondering about what to do to cool down from that hot, sticky and most of the time disgusting Barcelona weather.

The thing that I like to do most is head off for a fun packed day at the water park, this will involve getting up EARLY I mean real early and heading on a bit of an adventure!

There are three great water parks within day-trip distance of Barcelona, they are all really good and everyone I know has there own favorite.

Illa Fantasia (the best)

Finca Mas Brassó, s/n, 08339 Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona, Spain

Not only is this one the closest it takes only around 30 mins to get there on the metro, then a free shuttle bus from the metro entrance to the park.

For me, this is the best water park in Barcelona and that is for the reason that it is the only one that has an awesome bbq area which with about 30 charcoal BBQs that are all free to use, all you need is the charcoal and the rack, which you can get there.

They also have a massive seating area with picnic tables enough for hundreds of people.

You are allowed to bring all your food and drink in with you at no cost, you will see families coming in with coolers full to the brim!

If you do not bring your own food like I did not do the first time I went here, they have surprisingly good food at very fair prices!

It has a great range of rides and all the times I have been here we loved it!

This water park for me offers by far the best value for money and is great for big groups!

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park

Avinguda del Batlle Pere Molas, Km. 2, 43480, Tarragona, Spain

This Park is owned by Universal Studios and you can tell its had more spent on it than the other water parks.

Now this is a great park and is second on my list, it has the best rides out of all the water parks near Barcelona it is owned by and you can get here on the train if you buy your train ticket and the entrance ticket at the same time from the train station you get a fantastic deal!

The problem with these parks as is the problem with most is the food is so crap and the costs just multiple even with the great entrance deal you can get.

Out of all the parks, the food here is the worst I could not eat the food but despite that, I had an awesome day and enjoyed all the rides.


Water World

Ctra. Vidreres, Km. 1,2, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain

This one takes a little longer to get there well about 1 hour & 30 minutes, It is a really fun park with loads of rides and again it was a great day when we went the problem with this park like most others is the costs soon add up and the food sucks!

We got the bus here from Barcelona Nord Bus Station and it felt like it took forever leave early if you want to have a full day!

Carrer de l'Atlàntida, 37, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +34 674 35 55 97