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What to do on Valentines Day in Barcelona?

Feb 15, 2019

Today is actually not Valentine’s day in Barcelona, Valentine’s day is celebrated here on San Jordis day where traditionally a girl buys a guy a book and he then buys her flowers, loads of girls I know always say “why can’t I get a book!” its tradition I suppose and as with most am sure in this day and age its changing and I am sure you probably can get that latest edition of 50th shades from your not so better half!

We are not here to talk about Catalan Valentine’s day we are here to talk about the real Valentines day celebrated by normal people and my five suggestions on what to do.

What to do on Valentine’s day in Barcelona? Now, this question has puzzled men for years and I have often found myself typing in the very words on google, this is the reason why I have chosen to write an article about it today, now I am not going to tell you what to buy your other half this article is more about what to do on this most special of days.


Valentines day picnic in Barcelona

Valentines day picnic in Barcelona

A romantic picnic on Valentines day

The weather in Barcelona this time of year is by no means warm but it is lovely and sunny, February is also one of the driest months of the year with only 1 inch of rain the entire month so chances are it is going to be sunny and dry.

With weather information in hand, why not grab your self a blanket (to sit on) and put on your best jacket and have a romantic picnic down at either Parc Ciutadella or your favorite beach.

A picnic can also be both a truly poetic gesture and very easy on the pocket, after buying a bottle of Cava and a few tasty treats your looking at a spend here of around 10 – 20 euros and I bet it will never be forgotten


Eclipse Bar Barcelona

Eclipse Bar Barcelona

A Sea view on Valentines day

Put your best outfit on and head to the 28th floor of the W hotel and have some sunset cocktails at the Eclipse bar. To catch the sunset be there before 6 as the sun sets at 6.25 and the colours you will see over the med are well worth it.

Though this might not be the everyone’s style or budget I can tell you from experience the overpriced cocktails here are well worth it for the view alone plus they do taste great! To avoid disappointment book ahead.


Eclipse Bar Barcelona

Eclipse Bar Barcelona

A romantic restaurant on Valentines day

John Barnes once told me the old school is the best school and you can’t get more old school than taking your Valentines out for a romantic meal now “What restaurant to go to on Valentine’s day” could be a post all on its own and I am not going to list off a load of restaurants to go to on this special day I am going to name just one.

Citrus located on Passeig de Gràcia has got to be one of my favorite places to eat with my girlfriend whenever there is a special occasion not only does it look the part with nicely set contemporary tables and smart staff it is also in very trendy Passeig de Gràcia book a seat by the window to take advantage of the view.

This place might look like its going to cost you a lot but believe me three-courses and a bottle of wine will come to around 80€ which for the quality and service here is a great deal.

The diversity of the menu is great and while not being overloaded with choices there is definitely something for everyone here and the wine menu is great with too.

Pub crawl Barcelona

Pub crawl Barcelona

Single on Valentine’s day in Barcelona

Now, this is the easy one if you find yourself in Barcelona on Valentine’s day and your single head to Pub Crawl Barcelona where our team of professional party people will show you a great time.

We head to three bars and a club, along the way we play drinking games and get all the group interacting with each other and I can guarantee by the end of the night you might not be single anymore!

No, really it’s a great place to come, have fun and make new friends, friends that I know for a fact can last a lifetime, I have met people on the Pub crawl that I am still best friends with today!

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