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Why you should visit Barcelona at least once in your lifetime!

May 6, 2019

We just love Barcelona and there are many reasons why we love this part of the country so much. To understand why people keep flying to Barcelona every year, you have to come and see this place first. Unless and until you don’t feel it, you will never understand the reason behind people coming here again and again. There are so many things to fall in love with this place. Cold beer, sports, perfect gateway spots to relax, best food, and folkloric festivals.

Here are some of the reasons:

Because it is different

The best thing about Barcelona is that it is different. It has a rich culture and is so diverse. Every part of Barcelona is unique in its own way. Catalan habits are deeply rooted among the people and they are proud of it. Catalans have their own specific language, their idioms, they have shown interest in arts, music, movies, poetry, and more..

The colorful Ramblas

Do you know that Rambas is one of the longest streets in Europe and it is famous too? The street is loaded with street shops, beautiful, smiling faces, and so many coffee-shops! Rambas is the perfect place to come here to try local cuisines, buy souvenirs, try some delicious ice creams, go for window shopping, etc. This street gives you a plethora of options.

The mesmerizing beach and sun-kissed mountains

There are only a few spots in this world which will give you the combination fun of both the beach and the mountains. Well, Barcelona is that lucky destination. You can try mountain hiking as well as end your day relaxing at the beach. Whenever a traveler thinks about a vacation, he or she either thinks about the beach or the mountains. But this destination will give you the best of both worlds!

Guadi, Puig I Cadafalch and Domenech I Montaner

Barcelona is incomplete without its architecture. All thanks to Catalan modernist movement that we could have artists like Gaudi, Puig I Cadafalch and Domenech I Monater. We can see their prints left on the street of Catalonial capital. Hospital de Sant Pau, Palau de la Musica, Sagrada Familia, Les Pnuxes, La Pedrera, are a few significant benchmarks of Barcelona that you shouldn’t miss.

Barcelona loves sports

When it comes to sports, Barcelona will be on top of the list. This city is filled with some of the world-famous sports school and as a tourist, you can get a chance to see a real-life match of hockey, basketball, handball, tennis, golf, etc. And how can we forget football! Football is life for Barcelona, just like air is to breathe. Plus, we all know about Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. If you happen to be here during a football match, then you must go and watch a live match. See the spirit among the people and feel the patriotic surge of the people. Live football match is a once in a lifetime experience. And let us assure you, you will never forget this moment.

Free Wi-Fi

We are not talking about free Wi-Fi in some parts of Barcelona, we are talking about absolutely free Wi-Fi in the whole city! Can you believe that! Such an advanced city and this is another reason why people love us so much. You can stay connected with your friends and let them know about your whereabouts, click some lovely photographs of the city and post it on Instagram, or upload a video on YouTube. You can do it all for free!

Barcelona offers a huge range of sightseeing spots for the tourists. Come here and see how the locals live and why we are so proud of this city. Be a part of Sardanas, the traditional dancing, watch the breath-taking sunset from Montjuic mountain, eat local cuisines, etc. This is a city which should be on your bucket list!

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