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Espit Chupitos – Best shot bar in Barcelona

menu at Espit Chupitos

Espit Chupitos the bar of shots in Barcelona!

This is a Pub Crawl Favourite and a stand out bar in a city that has so many! We cannot recomeend Espit Chupitos enough and if you head to this Bar while in Barcelon you are likely to run into one of the pub crawl staff! A great place to go with friends and pre drink before you hit the club!

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Espit Chupitos Barcelona at a Glance

Phone number: +(34) 697 814 461

  • Website:
  • Address: Passeig de Colom 8, 08002 Barcelona
  • Hours:
    Monday-Thursday: 10 pm to 2:30 am
    Friday Saturday: 10pm to 3am
    Closed on Sunday

    One of the best bars in Barcelona.

    bar tender lighting shots on fire at Espit Chupitos

    Overview of Espit Chupitos Barcelona

    Espit Chupitos opened in 1989. It is known for being a “show shots bar”. Since opening its doors in 1989 they have continued making delicious shots and serving them in a very innovative way.

    The main attraction is when they serve their shots, they set them on fire. The bar showcases pure creativity and will create an evening you definitely won’t forget.

    The bar has a fun, welcoming and cozy vibe. There is never a dull moment, even if you’re not ordering a drink yourself there is always a “show” of some sorts.

    José and Lourdes are the founders of Espit Chupitos. They are always thinking of unique ways to improve the patrons’ experience.

    They are constantly observing the interaction with the guests and the current products and testing new products. Their genuine passion for their job and care for the customers experience really shows in the well thought out menu.

    What drinks do they have at Espit Chupitos

    It’s all in the name Espit Chupitos (Chupitos being spanish for shot) is famous for shots, shots and more shots.

    The bar is always making ongoing improvements and innovative ways to present their drinks. This allows them to have more than 600 original shots and 180 jugs and cocktail shakers on the menu.

    Even if your shot isn’t on fire, the bright beautiful presentation will leave you in awe. Each drink is continuously tested and made to perfection.

    Yes people come for the show, but they stay for the high quality drinks and passion that goes into making them.

    Some of our favourite shots at Espit Chupitos include “The Boy Scout”. This is an experience to remember, you get to roast your own marshmallow before taking the shot and the Monica Lewinsky we will leave that one as a suprise, it is served blind folded and I can gurrantee you or your friends will never forget it!

    shots on fire at Espit Chupitos

    What’s the atmosphere like Espit Chupitos?

    At Espit Chupitos the experience is interactive and fun. The staff want to create an unforgettable night. Your experience here will be full of entertainment and unexpected moments. This isn’t an experience you can find chugging a beer at your hostel. Come as you, there is no dress code in place.

    What type of crowd goes to Espit Chupitos?

    This bar is very popular with students and younger traverls as it is great value for money it is a very good place to pre drink for cheap before you head to the more expensive clubs to dance the night away.

    Other cool places near by

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    • Bar Mariatchi – Carrer dels Còdols, 14  – Classic Barcelona dive bar popular with locals
    • Sensi Tapas – Carrer Ample, 24  – Fancy something to eat before you drink try this local tapas spot.
    female bartender lighting shots on fire at Espit Chupitos

    We hope you liked this article about one of our top choices for best bar in Barcelona if you would like to read more about bars and clubs look at the rest of our blog below or check out our Nightlife in Barcelona article. 

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    Carrer de l'Atlàntida, 37, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

    Tel: +34 674 35 55 97