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Jobs in Barcelona!

Feb 27, 2019

Would you like to spend of summer of fun in Barcelona? Well, the good news is we are hiring! We are looking for young, energetic, fun loving people to help run, organize and promote Barcelona’s number one party!

Not to work in a city like Barcelona is not easy and we only take the best of the best but if you find it easy to talk to people love having fun and spreading good vibes then your in with a serious chance to work for what was voted the best job in the world by everyone who has ever worked for us before!

Now before you ask no you don’t have to speak Spanish to work for us you simply have to have a good grasp of English, if you do happen to speak a second or even a third language this is a huge bonus in an international metropolis like Barcelona! It allows you to send the good vibes of the Pub Crawl to even more people!

Like I said the only language you need to speak in English but Languages that do come in handy are Spanish, French and Italian so if you speak any of these extra languages please let us know!

As well as running the worlds best pub crawl we also run club nights, pool parties, boat parties, and bike tours!

We pay better than any other party company, we also have great bonus incentives and also offer our workers cheap staff accommodation, as well as that our promoters get to go on all our activities for free and get crazy discounts in clubs, bars, and restaurants!

In 2018 we had over 60,000 people on our tours and this year is going to be even bigger we are going to need loads of staff.

Our summer season runs from April 1st till the end of September so that’s 6 months full of fun waiting for you!

If you’re looking for a job in Barcelona head over to our sister site they handle all our job applications for us.

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