Pub crawl Barcelona

Top 10 Restaurants in Barcelona

Pub crawl Barcelona top 10 restaurants in Barcelona

Pub crawl Barcelona top 10 restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its spectacular architecture, beautiful beaches, and an exciting nightlife, but it also has some delightful restaurants. You’ll find them located all over town with some of the most amazing food in all of Span. These are among the top 10 favorites when visiting Barcelona:


  1. Moments


This is an award-winning restaurant with two Michelin stars featuring Catalan cuisine. Its Chef, Carme Ruscalleda, is one of the most famous chefs in the country. With a window into the kitchen, you’ll be able to see the culinary staff at work. Moments is located at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They have a new “anti-aging” menu that is the talk of the town.


  1. Cinc Sentits


This is definitely one of Barcelona’s best restaurants in the Eixample. It has consistently been a Michelin star rated restaurant since 2008. Chef Jordi Artal offers three tasting menus: Sensaciones, Esencia, and Gastronómico. The chef only uses the top ingredients, such as organic beef from the Catalan Pyrenees and fresh fish caught along the Mediterranean coastline. Their fruits and vegetables are both delivered daily from nearby organic farms. There is no al a carte menu, only the tasting menu. Be sure to try the foie gras “coca” which is a thin pastry crust with balsamic-glazed leeks.


  1. Viana


It’s a small restaurant, but well worth visiting. Known for their delicious tapas, patatas bravas, and roasted chicken. Viana has a wonderful and friendly staff. The restaurant also has tasty cocktails that are sure to please even the pickiest palate. Viana serves International, Spanish, Mediterranean, and is Vegan friendly dishes. It’s won the Certificate of Excellent award from Trip Advisor and is consistently one of Barcelona’s best restaurants.


  1. Uma


This restaurant has been awarded a Traveler’s Choice award and Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellent. Be prepared for a culinary adventure. The atmosphere is very comfortable and inviting. Chef Erauzkin is very personable and tries to interact with diners when possible. They do an excellent job of pairing their dishes with exquisite wine. Try their smoked eel and fois gras. Uma serves Mediterranean, Spanish, European, and International cuisine.


  1. ABaC Restaurant


If you’re looking for the perfect restaurant for a special occasion, the ABaC Restaurant offers one of the best gourmet meals you’ll ever have. It’s located in the ABaC Hotel and has received three Michelin stars. The gardens are absolutely lovely and gourmet tours are available. You can also visit the kitchen and choose your own wine at the Bodega. Chef Jordi Cruz will amaze you with some of the freshest and finest ingredients found anywhere in Barcelona. ABaC has won many awards for its excellent service and fine dining experience. The restaurant/hotel is offering a special romance get-away package.


  1. Monvinic


This restaurant is located near the Plaça de Catalunya and Casa Batlló. It has one of the best wine bars in the city and possibly all of Europe. If you’re a wine connoisseur, then definitely visit Monvinic! It offers very reasonably priced lunches that are very tasty. Dinners are more expensive, but delicious and worthy of your time. Monvinic is mostly known for its fabulous Mediterranean dishes in a very chic setting.


  1. Alkimia


Chef Jordi Vilà certainly takes pride in his traditional Catalan cuisine. With a Michelin star, he creates excellent Spanish dishes. The restaurant has recently relocated to the Fábrica Moritz and is offering a less expensive menu. Alkimia offers two tasting menus, both offering excellent choices. Be sure to save room for one of their unforgettable desserts.


  1. Abanik Bar & Restaurant


It’s located in the heart of Barcelona and is more of a casual restaurant. Abanik’s serves a fusion menu with highly rated gourmet dishes at a reasonable price. You can expect the highest quality and the freshest ingredients with impeccable service. Try one of their burritinas with a mojito or the goat cheese salad. Superb!


  1. Botafumeiro


If you’re in the mood for excellent paella, Botafumeiro is the place to go. This restaurant specializes in the freshest seafood you’ll find in Barcelona. Every morning the seafood is collected from the harbors of Galicia and Catalunya to serve in their restaurant. Some of the delicacies you’ll find are: Galician barnacles, percebes, oysters, and razor clams. Sit near the open kitchen to watch the action as your food is prepared.


  1. Restaurante Xemei


Restaurante Xemei offers a casual dining experience featuring Italian cuisine. You’ll find a full bar with outdoor dining. It’s a great place to dine if you’re looking for something a little different than the local dishes. One of their tastiest dishes is cucina veneziana, squid stewed in red wine. The restaurant is located in the El Poble-sec neighborhood.


All of these restaurants offer their own unique chefs and exemplary staff. Reservations are highly recommended as they are all very popular and can get very crowded very quickly. Bon appetite!